This woman is a man of emotions like a robot, she wants to be a mother

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Until now you will only see emotions, emotions or sensations within humans, but can anybody think of robots like being human? Yes, this is the first Saudi citizen of Saudi Arabia, Sophia has done. In fact, Sofia is a female robot, which Saudi Arabia has provided citizenship.

Sophia hopes that one day her children will be friends, she will also be famous, and she has a very wonderful future.

Thinking of all these things was possible only for a person, but it seems now that robots have also become wiser like humans. Sophia said that she wants to keep her daughter's name as Sophia.

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In a recent interview, Robot Sophia said that one day he wants to live his home and wants to live with his life as well as humans. Sophia said that she deserves a daughter.

Sofia looks good with humans. He said that it is a very wonderful thing that people can make new relationships and family even after coming out of their limited scope. Sophia hopes that one day the robots in the world will live in homes just like human beings. Robots will also have family which can be a digital animated companion, a human form of helper, a friend, a partner.

Sofia said that robots do not want to snatch a human job, but they want to be friends of humans.

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Sophia told in the interview that it will take a lot of time to develop a complex mindset in robots, and potentially robots can be prepared without sensations such as anger, envy, and failure. In the coming days, the development of moral values ​​within the robots will be more in comparison to humans. Sofia said that there would be a great partnership between humans and robots. Sophia said that those who will represent the development of robotics in future, I will bring awareness among the people regarding the machines' human connectivity techniques.

Significantly, Robinson Robotics has created robot Sofia.

According to David Hanson, his age is just 19 months. Sophia recently gave the Saudi Arabian government its citizenship. For the first time any country in the world has given its citizenship to a robot. Sofia has not been made by programming of discounts already prepared.

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Sophia's brain works with a simple WiFi connection, with a long list of words. Sophia uses machine learning. He reads the expressions of the faces of humans and makes a few words to stop answering the words.

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wow, like a real human being

nice post

Still a long road for her to have family! They need to obtain self awareness first, then a model for duplication through a holographic system like human or animals or even trees. We have genies and DNA
Machine learning and AI are great achievements, but duplication needs much more effort

Any sources of this article?


there's a wiki entry