The Future Looking Brighter With AI And Robotics .

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It seems the future is everyday looking superbly brighter by the day ,its has not been that long since industries started getting disrupted buy ai and robotics.

yes that's right , there is more evidence that ai (artificial intelligence ) whether it's waston a medically powered AI or Siri from apple or even deep mind from Google one thing is certain have been progressing quite fast in this industry.

There is an ever increasing ai and robotics activities , more and more people are joining the industry and more students are taking courses related to ai and robotics.
More so we now have a block-chain powered by ai where those who are pursuing or perfecting there own ai can contribute to the project in order for this powerful technology not to be owned by one single person or entity,

SingularityNET is the way to go , this way the power of ai can be owned more by the people by the people even as it reaches the state of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) where the AI will be upgrading itself to reach a super human level of intelligence.

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