La Vendedor - Lesson Nine

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The crowd was getting a bit unsettled watching Joey and his robot friend spilling uncanny wisdom at them. How could this electromechanical device be able to accurately predict which direction the stock market would go? What data did this robot use to ensure a 100% success rate?

“Hey man, why don’t you have your lady friend pick a couple of shitty stocks right now and let see how they will do by tomorrow?” an old fart with curly hair suggested.

“What uh great idea!” echoed the same dark-skinned lady.

“Yeah, I’m all for it!” the same young man with a deep scar on his face chimed in immediately.

“So, Joey, do you think Karla can fulfill this simple request from the audience?” the tall and skinny AA instructor asked naively.

“Absolutely, Karla, why don’t you recommend a few hot stocks to the crowd? By the way, just to make this exercise a bit more fruitful, I’ll buy the recommended stocks tonight and share the result with all of you at our next AA meeting, how about that?” remarked the middle-aged salesman.

“Sounds like a plan Joey.” howled the same man with the tattooed face.

The female robot uttered a sequence of stock ticker symbols while spinning her head in a clockwise direction. Before the crowd could figure out what the heck Karla was saying, she suddenly hollered several ticker symbols at them.


“So, we are talking about these three stocks, am I correct Karla?” questioned Joey.

“Affirmative my master.” the robot confirmed.

“Hey audience, I’m going to spend $2,000 each on these three stocks right now!” Joey shouted at the crowd.

The middle-aged salesman used his mobile phone to access an online trading account and quickly placed a buy order on these three stocks.

“Done.” acknowledged Joey while giving the crowd a cheeky wink.

“Thanks Joey, folks, I just saw the confirmation number on his cellphone!” confirmed the AA instructor.

“Whoa, you and your robot friend are either for real or just a bunch of scammers!” laughed a couple of social rejects from the audience.

“We shall see guys, we shall see!” snickered the middle-aged salesman.

Stay tuned.

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