La Vendedor - Lesson Eleven

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As Joey and his beloved robot strutted into the highly anticipated AA meeting, he immediately recognized a few familiar faces. These people were staring at them like animals that awaited their pending slaughter. There were sly grins and cynical looks, and the middle-aged salesman knew if he failed to deliver on his promise tonight, he and Karla would be as good as dead.

“So, Joey, what say you? Are you ready to tell us your triumphant result?” teased the tall and skinny AA instructor.

“This is going to be a fun meeting man, I could really feel it!” smirked the old fart with curly hair.

“Hey Joey, I even brought my checkbook with me!” the dark-skinned lady quipped.

The crowd roared in unison as Joey and Karla took the stage. He took a gander at the boisterous group and snickered uncontrollably. Deep down inside, the middle-aged salesman knew very well that the floor belonged to him and it would be nothing but just good time ahead as far as he could tell.

“Alrighty folks, welcome me and my beloved robot back! It is going to be a great evening, I promise!” remarked Joey.

“So, did you make money on that trade?” asked the dark-skinned lady.

“He invested a total of six grand on that trade, I remember!” bawled the guy with a tattooed face.

Joey let out an ear-splitting yawn while stretching his arms out. He noticed that the crowd was getting impatient as the chatter became progressively louder, and several usually intoxicated attendees like Al, the Big Dove and Simon, the Demon were all holding on the edge of their seats with bated breaths.

“Listen up, guys and dolls of my beloved AA group, I’m proud to announce that the stock picks that my robot Karla chose for me last week had resulted in a small windfall! My six-grand investment had made me twelve grand richer.” the middle-aged salesman announced.

“Proof, we need to see some proof man!” the old fart with curly hair shouted excitedly.

Stay tuned.

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