China launches its version of "dog robot"/中国推出“狗机器人”

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Chinese unit Unitree Robotics has announced its design for a robot in the form of a Lakaho dog.

The experts at Unitree Robotics acknowledged that they had inspired their robot design from Boston Dynamics products.

The Chinese product differs from its American counterpart in smaller dimensions and is remotely controlled by a Wi-Fi device. He can also walk the rough terrain and keep his balance.

Unitree Robotics的专家们承认,他们从波士顿动力公司产品启发了他们的机器人设计。

中国产品与其较小尺寸的美国同类产品不同,并由Wi-Fi设备进行远程控制。 他也可以走崎岖的地形,保持平衡。

The Chinese company plans to sell the robot at a price of between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000. The Lakota robot is assigned to carry a limited weight load. Users can install additional devices such as video cameras and sensors.

The Chinese robot was named "Lakaho" by the Russian Leica, which was launched by the Soviet Union on November 3, 1957, to space on the Sputnik-2 satellite (the second moon in the history of mankind).

Boston Dynamics was also famous for the manufacturing of Atlas and the BigDog robot.

中国公司计划以20,000至30,000美元的价格出售机器人。 Lakota机器人被指定承载有限的重量负载。 用户可以安装其他设备,如摄像机和传感器。



Source: Linta. Ru

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