RobiniaSwap launches on October 1st / RobiniaSwap Token Economy Updates

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Hello, this is Blokfield (ROR) team running Robinia Swap.

Today we bring you an update from RobiniaSwap.
RobiniaSwap will be officially launched on October 1st. There were many opinions that it was difficult for various users and marketers to be active in September because there is Thanksgiving day.
It has been changed to October 1st for the perfect service launch.

RBS Token Transfer Fee (Tx Fee) will be adjusted from 5% to 0.2%.
Because it can cause a lot of pressure to use RBS tokens, it has been significantly reduced. All fees are 100% automatically burned.

RobiniaSwap will be partnering with BSC Chain's famous DeFi service HoneyFarm.

RobiniaSwap's audit is almost complete.
The audit results were very positive and no serious errors were found.
The RobiniaSwap audit was conducted by Techrate.

All TRON income of RobiniaSwap Fund will be used to burn RBS tokens.

For more information about RobiniaSwap, please refer to the link below.

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