RobiniaSwap is working to stabilize the BSTEEM price.

in #robinia3 years ago


RobiniaSwap developed the STEEM cross-chain bridge, allowing many users to trade STEEM on the BSC blockchain network.

However, since many users still do not know about RobiniaSwap and BSTEEM, we are seeing some big price changes.
In order for the price of BSTEEM to stabilize, the liquidity supply of BSTEEM-BNB must be greater than it is now.
With around $70,000 worth of liquidity currently available, the price is changing more easily.
Our goal is to further increase the liquidity supply of BSTEE-BNB, thereby stabilizing the price.

To this end, we plan to pay higher rewards to users of the BSTEEM-BNB liquidity supply.


Profits from BSTEEM-BNB liquidity supply are around 70% APR, which is very high.
I hope many users will check this and start providing liquidity :)

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