STEEM Defi - Robinia's Cake Pools are up and running!

in #robinia5 months ago

The great migration is underway!

Robinia is in the process of moving their farms and pools over to pancakeswap, with the first being the cake pool.

It's now up and running, check it out:



The reason for this migration is because now the value staked in these pools and farms is going to earn RBS as well as CAKE.

This CAKE is then going to be used to buy and burn RBS putting even more buy pressure on it.

Once all the pools and farms are moved over, there is going to be a tremendous amount of RBS bought and burned over the coming weeks and months.

Especially when combined with the increasing steem power being delegated the SP Delegation Farm.

Things look very bright for the price of RBS over the coming weeks and months!

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