STEEM Defi - Robinia continues to offer the best returns on STEEM!

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Robinia is currently the highest yielding Defi project on STEEM

Want to get involved with the fastest growing project on STEEM?

Delegate some SP to Robinia!

Want to earn the highest yield possible from your Steem Power?

It's simple, just delegate to Robiniaswap.

You can find more info on how to do that here:

How do they do it?

They give you an upvote worth roughly 12x-15x your upvote value and you also earn their RBS defi token.

When combined, both of those add up to roughly 60% APR.

They continue to offer these high yields through their token burn programs which provides consistent demand to their underlying defi token.

Check this out...

Robinia burned a huge stack of RBS during the IFO.

I posted recently about how they have burned roughly 32% of the total supply of tokens since inception, but if you look at the recent burns, they are burning an even greater percentage.

With the SP delegations and the cake farms increasing in value, the number of tokens being burned on a daily basis just keeps going up.

We are easily burning roughly 50% of the newly created supply each day:



There is a typo on the 12.17 burn date...

The total I believe was supposed to be 112k tokens burned on that day, which was due to the IFO.

Add it up all and there is a huge amount of tokens being burned and continues to be burned on a daily basis.

As more SP gets delegated to Robinia the price of the RBS token will go up and up.


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

A delegation of 1800 steem power what is the maximum upvote. You will receive and the general rewards??

You get an upvote worth roughly 12x-15x your upvote value plus you receive the RBS token. Combined it as an APR of roughly 60%.

So since my upvote value is 0.03, so roughly I will get $0.36?? Right

Yes, should be around that price. Plus you earn RBS tokens on Robiniaswap. Make sure you delegate through their website:

Thanks for your valuable information

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