Free Stock From Robinhood App

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Get a free random stock by signing up with the link below: No deposit required all you have to do is sign up. Zero commissions on all trades and this app is very user friendly too! I got a share of Twitter when I signed up, worth around $15.00 at the time, but you might get something worth more.

Make sure you use my link.

I think that $0 commissions is an amazing thing that allows people to learn about investing without having to pay upwards of $10 every time they get into or out of a stock. I have seen people get started with just a few dollars in their account and these are people that most likely would have never started to invest if it wasn’t for Robinhood. Because it doesn’t cost them anything extra they can buy a single share every payday which will allow them to build up some wealth that would most likely have been spent on nothing of value. Even if they make a mistake and purchase a bad stock, they are learning without paying extra to the brokerage. To me, this is a great thing. If you use the link above we both get a free stock so you lose nothing and gain not only a free stock, but access to an amazing app that's super easy to use and can get you started with investing if you're curious about stocks but not sure where to begin.IMG_9549.JPG

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