Robinhood Options Trading Day 5: Sideways

in robinhood •  14 days ago  (edited)

Today, I held steady, didn't make any trades. I wanted to see what the news would bring with the trade war, and I also wanted to spend a bit more time confirming my knowledge of trading strategies, specificall Strangles, Straddles, Credit Spreads, and Iron Condors before I pass information along to you guys. I realize you're probably waiting for this specifically. Especially with earnings calls popping up.

So, here's where I stand currently.A bit of a drop today then sideways Hecla Mining Group.

GLD - SPDR Gold Trust came back to break even just about. I anticipate it will climb a bit tomorrow, and then go sideways. I might sell. So far, gold in general has performed well, and so this might be worth leaving until the end of the week to see how it does. Overall, I usually believe a month long option on this would be good but the reality is it's already up, and if Trump announces a trade truce or new idea, or tweets something that looks good for the market. We will see. Overall, Gold is bullish on the monthly. With trade slowing, stocks overbought, inflation, and lowered interest rates, gold will likely continue to climb.

Despite all the volatility in the market the last few days, and so many stocks dropping, ALIBABA held fairly sideways, which is a strong sign. I will hold it til the expiration, and adjust if necessary.

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