Queen Tut is Susan Lutzke

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“On February 23, 2018, Queen Tut represented on Hoax Wars that she is not Susan Lutzke. We did the research. No one knows Queen Tut better than her co-conspirator, Jason Goodman. On February 23, 2018, Jason Goodman expressly and without equivocation (Hudson Returns 44:22) stated that Queen Tut is, “well, Susan Lutzke, let’s call her who she is”.

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Suzy Q was one of the most entertaining Whackos that @csthetruth ever put out there. She once did a show saying that RDS was a Troll Swarm and started accusing almost anyone of being RDS in the chats. To see Her turning against Jason, like his previous friends did, really goes to show that she has a "Habit" of very sloppy investigating. His channel is a comedy relief for me.


Why hasn't CNN hire this guy yet? He is the perfect host for a lame show on there. He could actually bring up their ratings with his witty banter.

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Dude! Are you kidding me?