Opening the steemit #roastme tag

in #roastme6 years ago (edited)

With this post I'm opening the steemit #roastme tag.

You can browse to the tag using:

The point is to encourage a better comment upvoting culture, giving good comments a chance to shine. Or as a funny way to introduce yourself to the steemit community. And of course to have a laugh.

How it works: 

  • You must provide at least one high-quality picture of the roastee holding a sign with the text "Roast me steemit"
  • Use #roastme as the primary tag for your post.
  • Do not post photoshopped/edited pictures, this will be downvoted.
  • You may post on behalf of other people. As long as they know they're being roasted.
  • This is intended for comedy, not hate speech.

I will make a weekly 'best of #roastme' post, highlighting the funniest, harshest comments.

Let the Roasts begin!

Credits to @KLYE for the artwork.


Still treating the third-degree burns from my reddit roast me.

I'm going to regret resharing this.

haha, can't wait for you to make a steemit roast me.

Awesome idea Bergy! You're a visionary.

Glad to see someone I know taking initiative and pioneering new tags. :)

Will be upvoting on the 30 minute mark.

always love a little @klye :) and @bergy, starting to love the roasting idea man!

will you post too?

I will most probably participate in roasting others and will offer to be roasted too once I grow a little more :):)

OMG! Brilliant idea

Great idea, dipshit !

Is that correct ?

close, but no. haha

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