The Road to SteemFest3 | Join me! I'll drink wine, do cultural stuff, observe people, go for little strolls...

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Wh00p! Free time! Thanks for this weeks #roadtosteemfest topic @coruscate and @anomadsoul!

I'm super curious about all the speakers at SteemFest and in case I now sound like a nerd, well - I was always a real student who listened to her professors speak and took notes and basically just likes being fed with stories and info and... Anything, really. And, you know, if the speakers are not that interesting after all we all have something to gossip about - did you know people bond more easily over things they both don't like than over things they both do like?

Hmmm - is that why Steemians are complaining all the time and in the meanwhile feel so connected to one another?

Is this an introductionary paragraph of a psychologist maybe?
Will you make notes on all of us @soyrosa?
(Yes, I will)

But now, more serious, I do love being able to take part in the 'serious' part of the SteemFest, but the Fest ofcourse is where it will all happen: the chatting, laughing, the awkwardness dissolving thanks to a few gulps of cheap beer. The moments where we'll connect to that one Steemian we never got to know before, to connect deeper to that one we 'already know' (or some met last year, lucky bastards), and cry and laugh about differences and similarities in our lives.

There will be some 'free time' at SteemFest (which is basically just planned social time so the introverts can't hide behind a schedule, but well) and I personally will spend them:

  • Drinking coffee before arriving anywhere in the morning in some obscure/hipster roaster type café
  • Eating amazing Polish street food specialties while ignoring the cold (puts buying a wool coat before November on checklist)
  • Taking pictures of the lovely architecture that Pinterest promises me
  • Going to Auschwitz
  • Drinking red red wine in a cozy café with those who don't like clubbing but do like being social without overly loud music and/or aggressive elbows and/or sweaty bodies and/or being hit on by pretty people (ooooooooh, okay, now I know why you're going clubbing, but you can also join me and my glass of red wine :D)
  • Going to a museum or the art district (I still need to put up a list of my cultural wishlist for Kraków) and at least one off-the-beaten-track
  • Stroll around Kazimierz, Kraków's Jewish Quarter
  • Stroll around the Old Town
  • Stroll alongside the river because water calms my mind and body
  • Make a fool out of myself during the bowling event @roelandp made up for us (if you want to be in the coolest and 'most glorious at losing team' join me :D Losers are allowed more drinks!)
  • Do some window shopping: galleries, vintage shops, antique shops - I value anyone who takes the time to make things beautiful
  • Write a quick post because the excitement needs an outlet and you guys at SteemFest will all be as excited as me so talking with you won't help
  • Sitting on a bench at a random square or inside a little café and observe people (Honestly, I'll teach you a lot about observing people. I have a university degree in observing people.)

Now, I'll arrive in Kraków the 6th and leave the 15th - so anyone who wants to hang before, during and/or after SteemFest with me, pick one of the options from the list above (morning coffee is solo time though :P) and let me know in the comments :D

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Huh... I feel like I just read my own schedule of things I want to do 🤔. So many things here I agree with and will be doing myself! And YES wine in a cafe while chatting and observing people is way more up my alley then some crazy club, I’ve never understood clubs.

I also am looking forward to the lectures 🤓, I’m glad I’m not the only one.. and yeah... will probably be taking notes lol.

It’s going to be a fun adventure, can’t wait to meet you!


AHHHHH I met my SteemFest SOULMATE!

Please feel free to copy my list and plagiarize your #roadtosteemfest post, it's actually not plagiarism if I give my 'okay' on the Blockchain, lol.

We'll hang for sure and you know: if you're ever overloaded with all the SteemFest impressions you can just wave at me and we'll go sit in a corner with a glass of wine observing people and not chat so we both feel better after an hour or so ;-)


Ohhh my gosh we are steemfest soulmates!!! Because I seriously almost commented im just gonna copy and paste this in my first comment 😂 I love it!

Yes we will come up with a hand signal or code word.. wine time in the corner, now. Lol.. looking forward to it 😉


:') Wine time in Corner - love it!


I'm more of a cider than wine, and love coffee, never been in a club except as performer LOL


Hahaha :D I hope I'll ever be able to drink some cider with you @yidneth! :-)


wine and coffee sounds lovely! I think I will do the clubbing scene just once, just to get it out of my system (it's been so many years since I've set foot one), and now I love to chill and relax and have real conversation much more =) Looking forward to chatting with you girls while my hubby will probably be stuck playing poker somewhere=)


LOL! Yes, you totally should dance until the sun comes up with your fellow Steemians :D If I didn't have the physical problems I wrote about in the last posts I would even have joined just that once hehe. You can do one night of clubbing and one night of quiet wine drinking with us \0/ Looking forward to it! SO MUCH!



that sounds like a fabulous plan =)....and YES me too =) 33 days


Hahaha! OMG I'm literally booking an AirBNB as we speak <3

i still hate you for this Road to SteemFest posts :)
i am now thinking just to go to Krakow for few days, if i finish the work before i live it for last few days, to meet some of you out of the steemfest.


LOL! Yes, you should do that for sure! I'm available until the 14th :D The weekend might be filled with some SteemFest activities but there's also the option to do anything in your 'free time' :-)

Can't wait to meet you!!!

Do you have a bowling team yet? If not, count me in! I'm sometimes great at it, and sometimes not :P


LOL! I suck, so yeah, I bet you'll be better and would love to be in your team :')


Hahah bowling's less about the winning and more about the fun and chit chatting anyway :P


Yes, let's chitchat while using the Bowling Ball as an excuse to sit together and get drinks :P

You are gonna meet less or up to thousands of steemians or more but i doubt you can observe them all


Haha! I'm afraid I won't be able to speak to them all for sure :D

Kak ik heb niet op sent in de DM gedrukt over wo😬. Nu wel

Well can I drink My wine here at home while you and @llfarms are observing and blogging about whats happening that way its like I am There too😬


Of course :D We'll make sure you feel like you're part of SteemFest for sure :D


Yes! I plan to write something everyday.. even if it’s photos with a small amount of text (which I usually feel bad about, but this is steemfest!!) and videos.. lots of videos. I want to make sure everyone gets to experience it right along with us. Maybe soyrosa and I will do a silent in the corner music video.. gotta make that activity seem a bit more entertaining hahaha.


I Will be here sitting with My popcorn waiting for Whats coming 😂😀

Rofl the tags :P


hahah yes they're pretty epic... for sure they're meant to have fun! :)


I loved them!

Your list is huge! I suppose many can be ticked off in one afternoon.

Coffee and person watch sounds good :D

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Cool that you'll be spending a few extra days there. I know a few people that might be sticking around a couple days after all the planned stuff is over so maybe we can all continue the fun.
I feel like learning from you about observing people sounds like it would be a really fun.

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