My Road to Steemfest 3: My expectations about Krakow and the social activities during Steem Fest

Watching the castle in the pic, I think it will be like a fairy tale! 

Ok, I've never been in Krakow and I never visited poland before, but when I was a child I heard many stories about that country from the old people who was there during the Second World War. Well, sad stories, but I also remember one of them that about a young polish woman who took food to the italian prisoners in the concentration camps during the bloody times of that war. The old man who told me about the good heart of that polish woman said me that she was like an angel and since that moment (I was a child) I've always thought that even in hard times there's always something nice that helps us to remember there's more humanity than we think.

As you can understand, there is a sort of connection between my country (Italy) and Poland. Here in my city, like in many other italian city, there are some polish people who work here and I usually I meet them during our walk around the neighborhood, when they meet each other to talk in their mother language.

My expectations about Krakow 

Well, at first I'm really interested to know that city, to walk around the beautiful center (I watched some pics of that area ^_^) and also in the secondary streets, the streets where polish people walk in their daily life. Every time I visit a new city my attention is alwways focused in the daily life of the citizen, more than on the famous place. I like to watch, to observe people who lives there and their habits. I like to discover no tourist areas and, as artist, I like to take pics of murales and street art. Even if I don't know a single word in polish, art is an universal language, you know! ^_^

My expectations about the social activities during the steemfest

Even if it will be my first time in Krakow and so I don't know muc about my expectations about it, it will be my second time at the SteemFest and so I have many expectations about it! ^_^

During the past SteemFest in Lisbon I met many people that I already followed on Steemit and many interesting new people to follow. It's always exciting to know the "humans" behind a nickname, right? 

Even if my English was so poor, fortunately my hubby speak in English better than me, so everthing went well! (Don't worry, this year my English will be better than before ^_^). In the past SteemFest there were many different social activities to engage steemians and to know better each other, from the first opening drink (eat and drink togheer it's always the best way to know people, I think ^_^) to the last day. 

In the following pics you can see some steemians we met during the SteemFest 2 (can you see my smiling face? ^_^):

me between @steevc and my hubby @paolobeneforti

me with the fantastic @mammasitta

and with @gringalicious too!

In Lisbon there was a night in a snooker club, this year we will be at the bowling! I've never played bowling (ok, I've never seen a bowling room in real, just on some movie) and so I can wait to try it ^_^

This year all my family will be there: my hubby @paolobeneforti and my daughter @noemilunastorta . Noemi was happy to know there will be also a night of party! Sure, she's young and so she loves (and she have enough energy ^_^) to spent an entire night in a party, but also me and Paolo will try to do our best to have fun until late ;)

Another my expectation:

I can't wait to see the new outfits of @roelandp ! During the past Steemfest I admired so much his clothes (ehy, I'm an [almost] old woman, but I appreciate a nice guy with funny and beautiful clothes!) ^_^

Well, I can't wait to be there and to see you there!

At the next


silvia beneforti
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Same here I would rather not go to the big touristy area but to know more about the daily culture of the visiting location, not only that but art does not always need to be understood to be appreciated, I am in the process of trying to make enough money to make it this year for Steemfest3 so if I am successful I will see you there @silviabeneforti


I hope to see there again, @simonjay !!!! ^_^

Can’t wait to see you again


Sounds like a beautiful and memorable time shared by all. Perhaps one day I can go too. Thanks Silvia.


I hope you can be at the next steemfest, dear Troy ^_^

Do envious of you all going!! Hope you have a great time Silvia!


I'm sure I'll manage to communicate with you. People worry about their language skills to much. If I can read your articles I'll understand you just fine.


How can one earn .am new here


You can read more about how steemit works here:
There are many useful information there, so you could start here in the better way ^_^


I think my main problem is that I'm too shy to talk in English. Some years ago I talked with a teacher from Us and he said me it's a common problem here in Italy. The fear to do mistakes sto me. It's wrong, but I'm improving speaking English every time I can ;)


Well.., I'll make you talk to me and @bingbabe is Italy mad, so she will talk to you too!