Still Dreaming of Steemfest 4?

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SteemFest 4.png

Image by KH Lim from Pixabay

.... I have to be honest, right now, it seems like the crow has flown the nest. I would love to say "I'll be there, with bells on" but it's looking less and less likely.

Thailand is one of my favorite places in the world, and I shall continue to write the odd recommendation post about potential places to visit for those who will make it to Bangkok in November. For me, both financial and health problems are against me on this one.

I haven't made any concrete decision yet, but I'm not going to travel half way across the world feeling like I do, and spend money to go to a conference with over £2000 of debt hanging over my head. But enough of the doom and gloom.

What circumstances will make it possible for me to make SteemFest 4?

The markets boom and we all make it to the moon.

If food stops making me feel like I'm going to vomit 24/7.

If I start waking up in the mornings not feeling tireder than when I went to bed and like my head is in the clouds.

If I ever get over this terminal case of melodrama 😉

A last minute flight for a few hundred £ 😂

But in all seriousness, SteemFest is still on my mind. I had a dream last night where I received an email from Thomas Cook last minute flight alerts that there was a flight to Bangkok for £100 leaving on Wednesday next week.

In crazy dream-land, I immediately started to plan my strategy to sell everything I own so that I could travel South East Asia for the next three months and turn up to Steemfest four looking like this guy.

The dream is still strong, and if it is to be, it will be. Sorry to be so indecisive guys, but I really can't do any better than this. At the moment I feel so sick that I'm finding it difficult to leave the apartment, let alone the country.

Every part of me wants to make it, after all I've promised @kaerpediem that I may dance like a crazy person... if we can find a place that playing drum and bass. I'd be curious to see whether @celestal is going to bring 7 pounds of some type of dried fruit based noodle to the party? I know @misslasvegas is keen to make me join in the karaoke this time, at gun point if need be 😉 @detlev has approved my latest 'beer based poem' for a re-write into a drinking song for any #beersaturday debauch that is planned and I promised @slobberchops I'd try an organize an introverts meet up for all us quiet types.

I hope my condition clears up somewhat and I am able to make it. But it's not looking promising as I underwent the most effective (and expensive) treatment a few months back, and that had zero effect. This is after 4 years solid of various treatments to try and solve this chronic condition. At this point, I'm close to giving up.

For anyone reading this blog who is undecided on travelling to Thailand for SF4, I'd say do it! Steemfest is the place to go if you have a project you want to develop or if you want to make connections and promote your blog. Or both. You won't regret it.

This post is in response to @anomadsoul's #roadtosteemfest series. In his latest post he asked us to write about our plans/dreams/doubts about how/if we will be attending steemfest 4. I've given it my best shot in the form of a freewrite; letting my thoughts run away with me, while trying to inject a little humor into a post which expresses the reality of my doubts about if I'll be able to attend this year.

In honor of the fact that Steemfest 4 will be held in Bangkok Thailand this autumn, I am currently writing a series of posts from my adventures travelling 'the land of smiles' over 8 years ago. Each post will be accompanied by a short description of that place, kind of like a post card or recommendation for anyone who is planning on backpacking around Thailand while visiting for the annual conference of all things steem.

Check out previous posts in this series:

#1 An Image a Day - Thailand - Chiang Mai Twilight Temples (Build Up for Steemfest 4)

#2 An Image a Day - Thailand - Chiang Mai: The Jungle by the Side of the Road

#3 Thailand - Chiang Mai: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Mountain Temple

#4 Thailand - Koh Miang Island (Similians) - Peace, Palm Trees and Coconut Breeze

#5 Thailand (Koh Sok) - Jungle Treks, Caves and Monkeys Madness

All pictures and Gifs are creative commons licence. If you have enjoyed this Steemfest 4 promotional post, you can check out my homepage @raj808 for similar content. Thanks for reading.




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Hope you can make it, we never got the chance to chat in Krakow. That all seems so long ago now, things change quickly on the crypto scene.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I hope I can make it too mate.

Tbh, my health is the defining factor. I'm not really that bothered about debts to the energy company, as I've been dodging them all my life.

Fingers crossed for a breakthrough, both in the markets and my malfunctioning digestive system lol

That all seems so long ago now, things change quickly on the crypto scene.

Absolutely, and that's my hope tbh. If the markets do rocket and things evolve on steem in a positive direction, I might still make it :)

Still 4 months to go
And now not only dancing but there’s singing too
You know it’s a party you cannot miss

But seriously, I can understand
Take good care of you
And there’s still time for things to turn around
Remember last year was also kinda not certain and then you did make it
It could happen again
I am calling on the unicorns to throw some magic your way
And if I see that crow, I will send it back the way it came 😉


Yeah!!! @kaerpediem knows her unicorns :)
Let's all sparkle some of that magic dust for @raj808!!!

One round of Unicorn Magic on me 😁

And there’s still time for things to turn around

I hope so...

I am calling on the unicorns to throw some magic your way

Thank you. I shall be dancing no matter what the music if these health issues clear and I get to live my life as I wish I could... including steemfest 4 🙂👍


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I'm right there with you Steem brother! I too have had some health and money issues that will keep me from going to Thailand this year. But, I am going to make it back there one day. I just have to go back to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai too!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Hi Cindy.

I'm sorry to hear that illness is laying you low also. I had great hopes with the last treatment I did for my chronic condition, that it would work, and I'd be able to go to Steemfest 4 fighting fit. No such luck.

I was at Steemfest 3 in Krakow but was quite sick then, but hid it and tried to make the best of things.

I just have to go back to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai too!

I'm with you on that. elephants are wonderful creatures. I visited an elephant sanctuary when I was in Chiang Mai also, amazing creatures 🐘👍

Thanks for checking out my Road to Steemfest post 🙂

Thank you raj, we will have to compare more notes! Did you get to meet Lek, founder of ENP?

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Did you get to meet Lek, founder of ENP?

Nope, I got so much less done than I would have liked.

The people from projects that I remember meeting and having productive convo's with were Arcanage, Nathanmars and I had a chat with the guys from clean planet at the airport lol

There is a list of steemians as long as my arm that I met and got on with to talk to and generally network with 🙂

Sorry I didn't meet you Cindyhartz, I missed out on a lot or was quiet quite a lot of the time because I was feeling ill.

Rooting for you @raj808...Be healthy first. Most important

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I'm close to giving up on my health, nothing seems to work and the symptoms are just getting worse. I feel like an asshole commenting or blogging about these health issues sometimes but I have no one to talk to about it all IRL.

The gastroenterologist has written me off after the last treatment didn't work and friends and family are fed up with hearing about it as it has been going on so long.

Kinda at my wits end with it tbh.

It's discouraging when a doctor fails to behave properly. I had a student many years ago who was about 13 or 14. She was being treated for a psychiatric illness. That's how she ended up in my school. It was believed she was afflicted with a psychosomatic ailment that crippled her. It turned out, after years of being written off as imagining symptoms, she was actually ill. She had a difficult-to-diagnose, rare gastrointestinal affliction. Once this was treated properly, her physical symptoms disappeared. Of course, psychologically, she would forever be affected by those years of misdiagnosis and placement in psychiatric institutions.

So, just because a doctor says you're not sick...that means they can't find out what's wrong. Their failure, not yours.

Keep plugging. Anytime you want to talk, or unburden, I'm available.

Sometimes, doctors are not enough. Medicine is an art, an imperfect art that lacks essential tools.

Hope you feel better today. Keep writing and keep smiling...just read an article about how the act of smiling actually helps mood. I'm running around with a silly grin on my face today :)

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Keep plugging. Anytime you want to talk, or unburden, I'm available.

Thanks 🤗

I'm thinking of finding a different doctor/specialist but it will take research and time to force it through with the NHS. Be worth it in the long term though.

Thanks for your encouragement, you're right I've got to push on, split some heads and kick up a fuss 👍

You can never give up on yourself. Doctors go home and night and don't think about you at all. It's not up to them. Fight for yourself.

Fingers crossed you get to go mate. Sorry to hear about your condition though, didn't know you were suffering so 😔

I prescribe drum and bass for you and that rave you're planning out there sounds immense! Wish I could go but it's my brother's wedding that month and I'll be swamped with preparations as best man!

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Sorry to hear about your condition though, didn't know you were suffering so.

I've talked about it enough on steem, that I try not to go on as much these days... but staying quiet doesn't change the fact that every day is a struggle with chronic fatigue of varying levels, joint pain, extreme brain fog, extreme nausea when I eat, a bunch of other digestion issues that no one needs to hear about, hypersensitivity to caffeine/alcohol, acid reflux and emotional swings partly from trying to deal with all these things while maintaining some small productivity. That's just my life, and I make the best of it. But tbh, unless I can find the answer and lose most of these symptoms I'm not gonna travel in this state. It would be crazy.

I prescribe drum and bass for you.

Always brother... Good music always improves my mood 🙂👍

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Yea your health and well being is more important than a conference let's put it that way.

One of my friends here has CF but not to the degree of symptoms you have. She gets wiped out for 3 weeks then comes back from it but yea sounds like you got the real arse end of it. Take it as easy as possible man and hope the tunes provide the medecine you need! 💪

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Yeah, exactly like that BITCH!!! Hehehe.
You know I'm not gonna take no for an answer... Since we only met briefly last time, you still have to listen to a lot of my babble LOL. So yeah, you're getting better, health-wise, financially...BELIEVE!!! And since Thailand is such a kick-ass country, you may even feel the therapeutic side of it. I know it's no comparison, but: I was 7 months pregnant, had been sick/nauseous and in pain for all those months (not because of the child, but the circumstances) with panic attacks trying to kill me every other day. I couldn't even put the laundry in the machine without having a 10 minute break. Then I went to Belize for 10 days.
Guess what? No nausea, no pain and I even climbed a Mayan temple without any effort!

If I can do it, so can you.
OK. I have some more...but will message you on Discord.


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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I’m really hoping for a miracle, @raj808. Several, actually. I hope you magically start feeling better and that you win a ticket to steemfest. I’m so sorry you haven’t found a cure for your illness. Ugh! So discouraging. But please don’t give up. Somewhere there is a doctor who can help you.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Thank you @jayna

At the moment I'm sleeping really badly as well as all the other symptoms being at there worst, which means the brain fog is super bad. This effects my ability to do what feeds my soul in my writing and I think this has bled into my psychology tbh as I've been super down recently. Negativity is an anathema to me, but when so many things conspire against you it festers and can take over.

I've been meditating the last few days which is helping to clear those negative thoughts somewhat, but this brain fog is doing my nut 😂

I just want to get on with writing my contribution to the next steemfiction book. But the ideas aren't flowing at the moment. I'm going down to the library today to get out a good Sci-Fi book for some inspiration 🙂

Cheers for all your encouragement 🤗