Like a free bird - Road to Steemfest Bangkok, Thailand

in roadtosteemfest •  3 months ago 

We have just strapped ourselves in ready for the ride of a lifetime - On the road to Steemfest 4 Bangkok, Thailand.


As soon as we saw the post-flash past our screens the Steemfest 4 was in Bangkok, Thailand my husband and I knew we didn't even have to discuss if we were attending...we knew it was too close to turn down. The only question was to take our 5 kids or leave them home?


We have decided to leave them behind.

don't even feel guilty about it.


It's not that they are bad travelers or little monsters we cannot take out in public. It's just traveling with so many people makes having to make plans for even the simplest tasks.
As a family of 7, we cannot fit in regular-sized vehicles. So at times that can mean two tuk-tuks or two cabs if a minivan isn't available. We would have to book additional accommodation and plan activities to keep the kids busy while we are busy and 7 tickets for everywhere we go.

Our children have each been to Bangkok many times with us living as expats in Thailands neighboring country, Cambodia. They also love it but having experienced Bankok so many times already I knew they also wouldn't feel like they were missing out.

When we asked the kids if they were interested in going as they are dabbing in the mighty blockchain themselves, they didn't really mind either way. When I suggested just mummy and daddy head off to the big smoke they excitedly cheered "yes, do it! You guys should have a holiday!"

As quick as it was unanimously decided it was adults only trip my bag couldn't have been packed quick enough! Just in case anyone changes their's too late we are all packed!
I am not going to lie, 5 whole kid-free, responsibility-free, days away at Steemfest is just sounding better and better the more I envision it and being in....., massages.....I need to start putting away some pretty pennies away to treat myself while I am there.


I have a feeling I will return back to my little village in Cambodia, a brand new woman.

Those who follow me know I am a mother to 5 gorgeous kids and a kindergarten teacher. That means I am surrounded by little people 24hrs/7days.


I'll just let that sink in for a moment. 24hrs/7days.

I will have the ability to use my own two listening ears without being interrupted. I will not have to worry about what is the next feast for our small tribe. I am going to be able to walk holding my husband's hand because I will have two free. I am going to be able to take a bath for as long as I like and use the toilet without the door being flung open.
I am going to be living free as a bird and I like it!

My name is @mumma-monza. I will be the carefree woman smiling ear to ear with a coffee in one hand and another free hand left to shake yours when we meet at Steemfest....because I can, I will have free hands.

I am so excited and the days away seem so close yet so far away.


Is it Steemfest yet?


Want to check out some of my usual posts and adventures?


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It's going to be a lot of fun!

YAY!!!! I'm sooo excited to meet you there! And you both deserve a carefree trip. I feel ya, I have my own kids around me 24/7 and I'm exhausted...I can't even begin to understand how you're not deaf yet LOL.

I will be bringing the kiddos, but only because I don't just want to do this trip for the week, we'll be traveling for three months :)
But for the Steemfest week I'll have a nanny. After that we'll be on tour for the rest of our time in SE Asia. (and we'll be able to figure out if we'll come back again to stay.)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thailand, but it will be great to finally get to those places I haven't been.

Whoop whoop!!! Will see you there!

I'm not deaf yet but pretend to be sometimes lol. How exciting to extend your trip. Maybe you may even make it over our way in Cambodia in your travels!?!

Gah! I'm so bloody excited......See you soon!

Yes, I definitely want to travel to Cambodia! I wanted to visit there when I lived in SE Asia and never made it there... Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, many places in Indonesia, Malaysia...all on my list :) Some of those places will be 'going home'. I may need more time LOL. But planning to do it all again after we return, but on the train ;) We're looking into moving to SE Asia and I don't just want to settle in one place when I haven't explored some of it first.
It would be so awesome to connect with Steemians in Asia after SF, it would just be an extended SF to me!

Can't wait!!!

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Yep, it sounds like you truly deserve the trip. And other Steemians will be glad to have someone as energetic (albeit a little tired you at the Fest.

I hope to be there too.

p.s. I was pointed towards your post by @fitinfun

I feel like I deserve it lol. Well if you do end up coming you know how to find me <3 I will have the largest coffee lol.

Thanks, @fitnfin for helping me make new friends <3

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Woohoo!!! I can't wait to finally meet up with you and Phillipe! By the way, you are expert at finding appropriate Bitmojis for your posts!! 😂😂

You may call me the Bitmoji master lol. GAH!!! So excited to meet you in the flesh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hahaha I really missed your posts @mumma-monza those bitmoji's make it so much more fun to read.. I should really find back those I created and use them in a post every once in a while as well..

I feel ya, no kids.. heck, I even look forward to not having 1 toddler. It will be great to have me-time.. be able to do things we normally can't do because of the little one... see ya there!

EXACTLY!! I am going to have to set as many alarms as possible to ensure I wake up in the mornings because there will be no little people alarm clocks lol.


Lol no little people alarm clock indeed, but mine goes off either way .. I'm always the first to be awake here lol

But in case you think you'll oversleep and miss the fun, yeah, put them alarms on.. would suck if you miss something hehe