3 fun facts about me - Road to Steem fest

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Hi friends,

I look forward to attending the Steemfest 3 taking place in Kraków, Poland so here's a few fun facts to know about me.


I am enthusiastic about scientific research

I hold a B.Sc in Microbiology and currently, I have an unconditional offer of admission to study for a Masters degree in Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham.

I am an art lover

Yes. I'm an artist and I love all forms of art; paintings, sketches, sculpture, craft and graphic illustrations / animations. Personally, I grew up developing the ability to draw and make realistic sketches from childhood.

I've organized some art giveaways in the past for Steemians where I make hand drawn portraits


Recently, I submitted an entry for a Steemfest art contest organized by @anomadsoul , @blocktrades @sndbox among others. I really hope to win the ticket for the event.

I play the piano

I learnt to play the piano myself from regular practice at our local church where I spent Saturday evenings rehearsing with the choristers.

Thanks for visiting my blog, see you in Kraków!

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YEAH! Piano! Du und mir mein bruder, we really will meet one day when I travel to Europe. We can talk about some of our personal findings. I'm glad to see you thriving on Steemit. Keep it up bruder!


Thank you man!! I'm doing my best. I've deferred my study in Birmingham till next year. Hopefully, Steem will reach the stars and we'll do all the things we plan.


If we reach the stars before Steem does, where does that put us? The Heavens? Stay strong brother.

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