My Fears - [The Road To STEEMFest] - Bangkok, Thailand

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My Fears

@STEEMFest 4 - Bangkok, Thailand

The Road To @STEEMFest

In a week I will take the long flight to Asia for @steemfest 4 in Bangkok, Thailand. It will be my first time visiting Asia and I'm really looking forward to it. Bangkok is a bustling mega-city with lots going on. I'm sure it will be a bit hectic and overwhelming... but it's also bound to be an epic time to remember.

I am participating in @anomadsoul x @blocktrade's #roadtosteemfest contest. The theme for this post is "My Fears". I will tell you some things that scare me a bit about traveling solo to Thailand for @steemfest 4.

#1 - I Hope I Don't Lose Shit

This is one of my main fears when I travel, mainly because it happens all too often. From my phone, to my wallet, to my head, there are many important things that might get lost. I hope I can keep everything together when I travel to Thailand for @steemfest 4. I did fairly well on my recent trip to Riga, Latvia for Baltic Honeybadger 2019 (knock on wood)... Let's hope to keep the momentum going.

#2 - I Hope I Don't Get Lost

Keeping on the theme of losing shit, let's hope I don't get lost in Bangkok. I've had quite a few experiences getting lost in foreign cities. From losing my phone in Lisbon and having to hitch-hike back to my apartment at 6 AM to wandering the streets of Dublin on a snowy St. Patrick's Day until 5 AM. I've had my fair share of lost moments... Let's hope we don't have any more instances like that in Bangkok...

#3 - I Hope I Make It Back Home

Keeping on the theme of getting lost... I hope I make it back home from South East Asia. I hear things are relatively cheap and the islands can be a bit mesmerizing. Hopefully I will remember that I have a job and a family that I need to go home to.

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In a couple of months I will take the long flight to Asia...

I hope you know it is a few days, not months, lol. See you there :)

Whoops! Been using a template for these 😜 thanks for noticing! Gonna have to change that! See you in a few !

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And then later change to "those were the days" @jeffjagoe :)

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