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Steem Fest is just a few days to go, it's already the end of October now! Being in an unfamiliar city with a lot of strangers or Steemians who I have never met before. It may spark fear and concerns in my mind and here below are my top list of fear.


Fear #1: Poor money management

I am afraid that I will spend too much during Steem Fest and my trip, though the food and price of goods in Thailand is relatively cheap.

Fear #2: Getting drunk

I am not very good at drinking alcohol and drinking too much would make me feel uncomfortable, there may be some occasions involves drinking for social reason during Steem Fest.

Fear #3: Communication

Going to Steem Fest means I am certainly going to meet people from different countries and background, we may hear different accents and languages we don't understand. I am wondering if my English proficiency level is enough and whether I can understand the jokes, way of speaking or culture by Steemians from other countries.

Fear #4: Food poison, mosquito

There are many mosquitoes in Thailand I suppose, and my stomach may not get used to the food there, so that's a concern for me as well.

But let's put the fear aside and go to Bangkok, enjoy the Festival with our Steemit friends! I am going to write a few more posts to catch up! Thanks for @anomadsoul for offering this opportunity for latecomers like me.

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Hope you have a good time. Focus on spending most of your time interacting with the few people who interest you the most. Make some good connections, take photos, and make memories. I think you'll have a blast if you remember to put yourself first. Get out of any situations you are uncomfortable with.

Haha I can’t wait to meet different people there, especially those Steemians that I have heard of

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Drink bottled water, use google translate to help with difficult words, try to avoid street foods because they are super expensive compared to a sit down restaurant (per value) and just tell people that you don't drink alcohol- I don't drink and nobody judges me for it!

Have fun and keep us updated on how cool it is :) I have always wanted to go to Thailand, you're lucky.

Haha, useful advice~

Hope it will be a nice journey

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