Road to SteemFest - Fears



การบิน (Flying) is something that scares the bejesus out of me! I am fine once we are up, but the lift off and landing are terrifying to me. I am very excited to be able to experience this with my husband and will do all I can to ensure a calm travel buddy! Fear is something that I have been trying to terminate this past year, and this whole thing will be the icing on the cake of busting fear's booty! I am grateful to be able to go on this trip, and cannot wait to spend hours and hours crushing my fear!



Eating new and unusual อาหาร (food) is something I have gotten braver at, but Wes is taking this experience to a whole new level. He is determined to get me to eat anything and everything that is odd from the markets! Definitely something I will try to work at, but not sure how successful I will be at breaking through this fear.

Durain Fruit.jpeg


lAnguAge bArriers...ha ha I had to get a bit creative. I have been working on learning ภาษาไทย (thai language) since we decided to go, and have gotten to the place where I understand a lot, just don't know how to structure sentences still...I will get there one day! I am so incredibly hopping excited to see other cultures!! I have never been outside of the US, so this is going to be a wonderful wonderful thing!!

Thai People.jpeg


Rides around town! I am scared and very pumped to experience the การจราจร (traffic) in Bangkok, I hate our traffic here, soooo this should get interesting! I want to experience the Tuk Tuk just once (although that for real makes me shake in my boots) but relinquishing my control and allowing the journey to flow is what I need to do! I know we are going to have the most amazing memories with this trip and cannot wait to jump on that plane!!

tuk tuk.jpeg

False Evidence Appearing Real = Our brains are evil little buggers sometimes, and some things seem so เป็นไปไม่ได้ (impossible) but really it is just one more small push forward to make the impossible, possible!! I am so so so excited!!

Thank you all for taking time to read my post!! Have a super wonderful day or night and see you all soon!!


Hey there. Your husband posted some awesome pictures of you for your birthday and mentioned that we should stop by and wish you a happy one, so here I am! May you have many many more <3

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Such a creative way of putting it ! Also love that you found those Thai words and snuck them into the post. See you real soon!

Thai is such a fun language! I am so very excited to meet you and everyone else there!!! I will have to practice my Thai with you :)

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