My Road to Steemfest - My expectations about Krakow and the social activites during Steem Fest

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Dear all,

Ticket sales are open, and checking prices and payment options suddenly made me realize that Steemfest 3 is just around the corner. This fills me with joy, but also with a good amount of anxiety because those tickets are quite pricey for me. Right now, the minnow ticket is $322 USD, and even though so many great things are included in the price, it will be hard to finance. Now is probably the only moment that I wish I lived in Europe, at least I would be able to save a good amount on travel costs...but hey. I still have 15 days until the first price increase, so I'll stop whining and will get to today's topic!

What to expect from Krakow.

Like many on this platform, I have never been to Poland. I've met many Polish people, and I support some of the best female UFC fighters that also happen to be Polish (Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Karolina Kowalkiewicz), but that's where my knowledge of Poland and its people ends.

So I did what most people would...I googled the place.

My first thought was, wow, this city is really beautiful. For some reason, I expected it to be greyer but my image google search came up with some fantastic colorful images of this stunning city.


Of course, all these pictures were taken in the summer with beautiful sunny weather. I expect this place to be cold as hell and quite rainy by the time we'll get there, and I'm prepared to suffer. I still have one winter coat stored somewhere, and I hope it's not full of mold....These hings happen when you live in the tropics! So I will need to make sure I bring enough layers of clothing for November weather in Krakow.

krakow weather.png

I also learned that Krakow was cited as one of Europe's most beautiful cities, and that its old town was declared UNESCO World Heritage site!

Of course, there are less joyful historical facts that make Krakow interesting, such as the nearby Nazi concentration camps from World War 2 like Auschwitz.

From an architectural and cultural point of view, Krakow has so much to offer. According to my little Wikepedia search,

In 2000, Kraków was named European Capital of Culture. In 2013 Kraków was officially approved as a UNESCO City of Literature.

The more I read, the more I want to visit and discover this city, and it seems like one week may not be enough to see it all. I expect the activities we'll do during Steemfest 3 to be related with the history of Krakow and Poland, perhaps with a few museum visits and a little tour of its Old Town.

I also expect to discover new food, and right now I'm wondering what it's like to travel in Poland as a vegan.

Will there be a lot of options for me? Let's Google it!

OMG, there are plenty of vegan options in Krakow! The list is long, and for those that may need this too, here it is

I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed with Krakow, especially since I will be with a whole bunch of interesting people to discover everything together.

But what about Steemfest itself?

It's hard for me to imagine what the event itself will be like, since it's going to be my first. I have also not watched any videos from the previous events. When I joined Steemit last year, Steemfest 2 had just passed and I remember every single trending post being about Steemfest. Since I had no clue what this actually was, I stayed clear of all things related (I figured it was some kind of a party, but that's pretty much all I knew back then).

All I can say is that I expect to learn a lot about Krakow, Steem, Steemit and its entire community, and most of all, I expect to have FUN!

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FUN will be the word! Hahaha! So glad you find a lot of vegan options, I'm not a vegan but I know what it's like to travel with dietary wishes! It can be hard :D

Looking forward to seeing the gorgeous architecture as well - pfew - I actually realized Poland might be one of the more underestimated countries in Europe.


oh I agree, the architecture is beautiful! it's just a very exciting place =). The only thing I would change is the month during which Steemfest is organized, lol. It would have been nicer in the summer....oh well!

Im not sure if its funny or sad, but I live in neighboring country with poland and when I hear name of it, first I also immediatelly think of Karolina or Joanna :D


LOL me too, it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Poland


LOL me too, it's the
First thing that comes to my mind
When I hear Poland

                 - evecab

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


But I loove Rose...long before she was a champ...she won my heart over when she cut her hair :D


ahahah yeah I like Rose too =)

I can't wait to be in Krakov! As you, I've never been in that city and I think the steemfest3 is the perfect way to know a city in a funny way ;)


I agree Silviabeneforti =) I hope I'll meet you there then =)