Road to Steemfest: Short and pointless ramble from a cafe

in roadtosteemfest •  6 months ago

Ok, so I'm now sitting in the same cafe as yesterday, because I'm loading my battery here, again. I did order a new power bank (which has a solar panel, technology boy!) so that I wouldn't need to find electricity everyday.

Yesterday I justified my stay here by purchasing a cup of tea, but today I don't even bother because it ain't worth 2€. So now I'm just going against the untold social norm of buying something whilst at a cafe. No shame.

So, now that I have plenty of power, I thought I could do this freewrite too while I have my power available.

I do not know why this picture ended up sideways.

Although, I probably should be writing my fiction for the SF ticket giveaway contest, but I'm kinda running dry on that... I have a start, but the ending is something I'm struggling with. I feel it's going down to the last moments when I either make something new up fast or patch the old one up with some emergency measures. I don't even think I could win it honestly, but that's mostly because of my circumstance -- in which I myself got into, so I guess that doesn't serve as an excuse. But I really don't wanna left my entry empty when I got into the top ten. I actually feel like a writer in disguise amongst actual writers who just kinda tries to make something up, sometimes even making something decent on a good day. Though I know there are many others too who probably feel the same way.

Now I got really carried away, but that is the nature of freewriting. So, the topic of this week is expectations.

Well, what can I say? I don't really have any expectations other than I'm going to be a grumpy ass after being dragged to night activities the day before -- I'm a morning person. Here on my trip I have woke up 6-7 AM everyday. Works well on this trip since it works better to cycle during the day, but doesn't go well with people digging parties at night. It'll be fun though, I'm sure.

Talking of which: today I'm actually kinda feeling tired. I have slept the 7 hours minimum every day, but maybe that isn't quite enough considering the amount of physical load I've been on. So, I'll take it easy today.

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"but today I don't even bother because it ain't worth 2€."
With advertisement like that I am sure that you will become their favorite customer in no time😝


Hehe, luckily I left the city so they won't probably hear from me anymore .

I did that in starbucks with my travel mate. We went there without ordering anything and being against the social norm. We just sat there and use the free wifi :D lucky the guard didn't kick us off.

Though I can always say ' sorry I am being obnoxious'


Haha, nice :D At least they don't force to buy their overpriced coffee...

Yeah, coffee shops in general do not give any kind of feeling of value in Finland and that is sad. Especially buying tea is dumbest thing ever! 1 dl of too hot water with a bad quality tea bag makes you want to scream.


The tea was fine, but just not worth 2€. 1€ maybe since you could get an add-on cup for free.


Good to hear that!

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