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You have some 'Time shorting magic' items but... how to use it? When you began any mission (dungeon trip or gathering) push the 'Progress' button in the bottom menu.

In the 'Progress' window click the red button 'Immediate completion' next to the mission name. For example: Battle: Waste Land → Immediate completion.

New window will open near the 'Progress' window. One 'Time shorting magic' item speeds up the mission by 3600 seconds (1 hour). If you have enough items to complete, click on the golden button.

Mission completed! Well done!


PVP combat appear on the horizon, it's time to strengthen my mercenaries. I can improve them by fighting in the dungeons, but there is a faster way.

I'm going to the City where I have a house. In the House I open the 'Enhancement' tab. I'm here.

Now open the 'Mercenary' window.

Drag-and-drop a mercenary for enhancement to the free cell.

Now I see the current parameters of the selected mercenary (Diana) on the left side and the parameters after enhancement on the right.
Chances for successful enhancement are listed below.

I need another mercenary to start the enhancement. I can use a new mercenary or a mercenary with ending lifetime to improve the first mercenary. The second mercenary will disappear!

Drag-and-drop a mercenary to the second cell. Goodbye, my Vincent number One!

Click the 'enhancement' button in the bottom of the tab.

A confirmation popup will appear. Click the 'enhancement' button again.

Enhancements have been successful, improving performance.

Diana +1


♦ PVP system will be added soon. Update: It's already added!

♦ The balance of mercenaries and items will upgrade.

♦ Tournament system is under development.

♦ Hotfix is coming.

♦ Minigames will be added to RORS token economy system!

Road of Rich

New Age Begins!

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