Gold on blockchain

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Not long time ago many people sceptic about idea digilisation of gold using crypto or blockchain technology. Some of the people also did not understand why around 24 months ago we created pre-order DinarCoin .

After 2 years, we are getting stronger and amazing growth of development of community, ecosystem, product and services. We're looking a next phase of development to allow the DNC to be traded in public exhanges and create DPOS for pre-order DNC.

DPOS is short for “Delegated proof of stake”. That means, someone else, a delegate you trust, is staking the coins for you, receives the rewards from the network and gives a share of those rewards back to you. You don’t have to send your coins to that delegate, you simply vote for him. With DPOS, the delegates with the most votes become forging delegates. Forging is a bit like mining but without the crazy power consumption.

And now, you have an eco friendly and hassle free method to generate new coins, secure the network and process the transactions. And you get free coins for secure the network by voting for your delegate of choice. Its create "Democratic Blockchain" concept with more decentralized and distributed structure of huge community of 130k users that we have. :)



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