The road to Dhaka is now empty

in road •  10 months ago 

Students protesters were protesting the killing of students. Students have vandalized many cars. Needless to say that transport owners suffered a lot of money. Those who have been harmed by them also know very well. The pain that caused the killing of people was not able to bring any peace to the guardian's mind. But there was no edge the unrest caused by the streets of Dhaka. Students will now check the car and driving licences. Ministers are not excluded from this check. This is not a good thing at all. The students continued their movement. It is difficult to say when this movement will end and capitalist extremists are busy. Then the city and the accident happened.
In this face of the violent movement of students, traffic strike ownership is covering the unofficial transport strike. There is no longer any transportation in the streets of Dhaka. On the way to the highway, it seems as this road is not allowed for any condensate movement. The road is used only for walking and rickshaw walking. The reason for the road is empty because of the untimely strike of transport owners, which is because of violence of students. Because of this, ordinary passengers have been caught in the danger. Because they have to go to the office every morning to walk to the office and walk back home from the office. In the circumstances, the transport authority says that if they have adequate security arrangements in the street, they will carry the car. All students and transport owners are good. It is not just good for ordinary passengers.

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We want to murder into the highway or inner way by the killer driver.