recalling my decision to become a content creator..... the very start of the rocky road (part one)

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Let's take a stroll back in time... A little over 5 years in fact...

It was 2013, December 29th to be precise.

This would be my last day with both my legs being intact and also the start of the development of my now somewhat fragmented sanity. I was born with a defect in my left foot, by that i mean i had no toes and no bridge of the foot. i never let this hold me back, and other than the bullying i received from my peers because of my foot (kids an be so cruel), I led a pretty normal life for a n 80's kid. but nayway, i digress...

The left ankle suddenly and rather rapidly started to fail, or "deteriorate at an alarming rate" as i recall the exact words were of the Orthopaedic Surgeon at the time. The options were laid out to me in a simple and concise fashion. Either have the ankle fused, which in all fairness probably wouldn't do anything for the pain in a good way, and would only really postpone the inevitable......AMPUTATION.

I was actually very naive, taking the attitude that i was essentially only going in for a trim, similar to a visit to the barber's. Well i couldn't be any further from the mark, and the impact on my life has turned out to be radical and profound.

And so on this fateful day, i was admitted to hospital and began my Nil-By-Mouth, in preparation for surgery the following day. A day of which i have little recollection, although i do remember the distinct lack of pain for those 1st 24 hours after the surgery, the following weeks though would be a very different story......EPIC LOL.png

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