recalling my decision to become a content creator..... the very start of the rocky road (part 2)

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And so we pick my story up, around 24 hours after the amputation. Things hadn't been all that bad, considering i was now without the lower half of my left leg... but the tide was about to turn.

you may not believe this, but the first 24 hours post op were a breeze, no pain, no discomfort, no problem!

But a little over a day post-op, things changed dramatically.

As the anaesthetics and other medications slowly left my body, the pain began to creep in. At first it wasn't all that bad.. a little tightness, and a little tenderness. Then a little warmth with occasional numbness. i thought 'This isn't all that bad really, and i'll soon have my life back.....'

Sweet merciful lord i was WRONG!!!!

Without warning, the true consequences of the procedure made themselves known, and it was unrelenting!!

i way on my hospital bed writhing in agony, I found myself smashing the orange button on the little pendant remote that hung by my 3x6 bed that suddenly became a prison cell ( metaphorically speaking, obviously.)

I waited maybe 6-7 minutes before a nurse attended my bedside, which at the time felt like an eternity, and i never thought i'd be so happy to see a living soul, as i was to see this blue-tunic angel. or at least that was the immediate reaction I had. As i writhed in agony from the sudden explosion of apocalyptic pain, i pleaded with this angel for relief (pain relief, don't get smutty!!) she gave me her word that she would return with something to "ease the pain" and "make me comfortable." she returned with what I honestly believed at the time to be a joke.....Paracetamol?!

Is she for real?? i've just had half my leg cut off and she wants to give me Paracetamol. I20190224_031853.jpg'm missing half a leg, not half a f**king tooth!!!!

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