Krueng Tujoeh river water in the West Aceh region is suspected to have begun to be polluted

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He stemians tonight I will publish a Krueng tujoeh river (river 7) which is allegedly polluted
"Krueng Tujoeh is suspected of being polluted."

The water of the Krueng Tujoeh River in the West Aceh region is suspected to have begun to be polluted, the water color change often occurs when the dry season comes, suddenly the night of heavy rain in the upper river, after that the water continues to change in gray. The color change of the water is not to be drunk, showered or do ablution 'itchy. To get legal certainty and material truth about the water condition, it should be tested in a laboratory that is considered to have competence and accountability.

Changes in the water color of Krueng Tujoeh have occurred around the last two or three years, this condition is often complained of by traditional fishermen who depend their lives on Krueng Tujoh, but no one has responded, the fishermen's complaints are very grounded because the catch of the fish has decreased dramatically.r7i4fx.jpg

The complaints of fishermen and the people who depend their lives in Krueng Tujoeh are not responded by anyone, especially customary stakeholders such as Mukim and Keuchik around Krueng Tujoeh are absorbed by the breeze.wcdlkn.jpg If adat holders continue to be lulled by the pleasures of their surroundings, then what about our children and grandchildren later?

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