Rising Star - Ego is killing me again.....

in #risingstarlast year

Hello all friends,

After the last day pack opening I good good amount of permanent fans. But the more fan means more Ego so now again I have to Balance the Ego by increasing the skill. I have completed couple of Music lessons to increase the skill and that will kill the ego....
but still I have to work ore on kill.

I have noticed that the Saturday Headline now (because of ego effect) has max 840 Starbits which was more then 1000 (before the increase of the Ego).

The amount can't be ignored. So yes you have to kill the ego to earn more.

Sharing my Rising Star Game status....

At current I am at level 66 and 1327 more XP are required to unlock then level 67. i am unlocking a new level eeverday.

Starbits : - I have 107024 Starbits in my game account.
Which are equals to the aprox 47.62 Hives.


Have you start playing the game if not feel free to use my referral link and start earn Starbits token.

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