Rise - A (Formerly) Promising Lisk-Fork That Crashed 93% In February Crypto-Collapse

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Rise 0.png

If you are like me, Rise is a coin you are probably glad you didn't get around to buying recently. As a minor bag-holder of Rise from the sudden Bittrex de-listing, I'm here to tell you a bit about it.

Rise was initially an appealing coin in the sea of alts, being a fork of Lisk, another coin that performed well last year. Rise shares Lisk's ability to stake out for a reasonable (5-7%) return. However, I suspect Rise also takes Lisk's (and Dash's) MasterNode arrangement which requires you to either hold a large amount to stake yourself, or pool with another group and lose a cut to pool fees.

Rise (and Lisk) are both Dapp, or decentralized-application, platforms. The idea is to provide a user-friendly and decentralized platform for hosting applications of all types - think applications with the advantages of smart-contracts.

Rise has followed the "Neo" branding playbook and refused to be held back by a poor logo like AntShares once was. For some reason, I've always found their multi-colored spirally-thingy to be rather appealing. The branding on the website is well-done.

Rise 1.jpg

If only the price would follow suit.

So, where's the bad news?

The immediate bad news is Rise was de-listed from Bittrex recently, and if you take a look at Bitshares you'll see what a (temporary) setback that can be. This came at a poor time for Rise, during the February "Crypto-calypse", which really maximized the damage to Rise's market-cap.

Rise 2.png

Rise touched 11 cents on February 5th. It peaked at $1.66. Ouch.

The outlook on the Rise Reddit is a little grim. The developers seem to have mostly gone quiet after a brief announcement regarding the Bittrex de-listing. They promised to follow-up within 24 hours after that post, but failed to do so for several days and I do not know if word has been sent.

Rise 3.png

This is not what a healthy social media presence looks like, unfortunately.

It's possible that after such a harsh dip, Rise could be a good technical play. The problem is that it has already more than quadrupled off the low of 11 cents, and that alone renders the logic of buying it "mostly because it just got steam-rolled" a risky play. The market price is probably roughly correct in discounting the risk of Rise having slowed or no development going forward, as the project theoretically just lost 93.4% of its funding, (market cap) peak to trough.

At this point, I cannot recommend Rise. Do your own due diligence if you are interested, and be thorough.

Disclosure: I own 15 Rise =)

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Sources: Google, CoinMarketCap, Reddit, Rise.vision
Copyright: Rise

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Avoid Avoid AVOID!

That is not an alt coin to be looking at with any serious intent to purchase.

It is purely speculation, and as with many fork coins, it really doesn't offer anything new to the crypto world.

And in this market, you're better of sticking to the coins that have a good offering and are in the top 20 by market cap.

That's my 2 cents anyway. For what it's worth.

I pretty much agree with you, just in case that wasn't clear from the article!

  ·  last year (edited)

Actually Rise is on ongoing development, the Repo was private, but lately they made it public, you can check the work here: https://github.com/RiseVision/rise-node/commits/feature/typescript

From a technical view i totally disagree with you about Rise, Rise will Rise. But from an Organisation/Management view, i agree with you. The Rise Communication/Management team could have done better, they need to improve in Communication/Management and do a better job, but i think they are working hard now on it, and we will see hopefully some positive results in the next 6 months.

The Bittrex delisting thing was also a surprise and came in bad timing, but hey to Bitshare (BTS) happened the same thing on bittrex, when it was announced to get delisted it went down from ~50 cent until 3-5 cents, but months later, jumped back to about 80 cents.

I don't think you really ended up disagreeing with me, after all.

As for BTS, it is still down from those 50 cent areas rather substantially at my last check...

  ·  last year (edited)

Beware of scam ico... a lot of them out there are making great promises.... if it sounds too good to be true, be very cautious. Once a while you get lucky with ico. In the beginning it was good. But now, good ones are far in between.


I'm afraid that img implies Steemit never pays!

Buy lisk for the win or die trying.

This strategy would be appropriate for my new article on 50 Cent.

:0 thats a bullet dodged i sold my small amount a month ago 🤙 Who makes the decisions at bittrex they delist like its going out of style lately.

I hear they are planning to offer USD trading, which could place more stress on their operation. They might be cleaning house in advance.

Wow rise as been blacklisted from bittrex ,never expected that .ah well

why did that happen?

Well, de-listed, as opposed to blacklisted. I'm not sure why they were removed...perhaps low volume.

Maybe not enough promo i guess

The fact that there was little to no information on anything regarding their progress was kind of telling.

It's certainly not a positive sign.

Ah, I never knew RISE has been delisted from Bittrex!
I had some FUN tokens but saw the Bittrex notification just in time and sold them.
Thanks for sharing this useful information!

FUN, on the other hand, actually appears to be a promising project. No idea why they got delisted.

Sadly, yes. :(
I actually wanted to move them to some other exchange or a private wallet, but suddenly panicked and sold them.

Great info to a newbie like me when it comes to crypto...

Amazing information @lexiconical thanks for sharing

Am on rise group chat.....I love the progress...
Good team work

Thank you for the info. No regret in wise investments

Interesting read, I'm still new to the crypto market.

You have received a 100% upvote and resteem from @daviddivergent Have a great day!

Muy buena información, estaré pendiente de tus Post.

wow nice post...

This post has received gratitude of 19.12 % from @appreciator thanks to: @lexiconical.

Nice post

Thanks for this information

good post. nice information. sure im gonna try it

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Thanks for providing info about raise, first time hearing about raise and its good to learn about it.

nice post. thankyou.

Lux may be a dud as well... time will tell. Was promising at first.

Thank you for this very vital piece of information. You cannot imagine how useful it is to me

common man.. RISE? Anyone investing in RISE seems to be real noob - was one some time ago and then realized few things on how to manouver in crypto world.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment