AMAZING!!! Ripple's Future is Bright!!

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Ripple is the future of crypto world. As the Ripple is known as the fastest payout time ever i.e "just 4 seconds". Even BITCOIN takes 1hour or more and also ETH takes 2 minutes and more. So, many BANKS are accepting ripple as the advantage of payment speed and security as well. Ripple can handle 1500 transactions per second. Bitcoin is only able to handle 2 to 6 transaction per second. So Ripple is the game-changing thing for Banks.
But India is still not getting the try on crypto world. As the RBI has banned all transaction through banks for any crypto exchanges. But many Banks on other country have started getting a partnership with RIPPLE and this the good sign that Ripple has a great future ahead. It is not just like other ordinary coins. Ripple coin works on different algorithms. So it does not get effected through the normal market conditions.

From where can I buy Ripple in INDIA?
You can buy ripple coin i.e XRP from many exchanges or wallets like ZEBPAY or WAZIRX. But my favorite is WAZIRX as it simplifies your trading. I love doing trading of ripple from WAZIRX .

So guys do take some opportunity in Ripple as well. As it seems to be the greatest coin in the future for me.
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Ripple has also been criticized for not being truly decentralized, or for using only a few core validation nodes for transaction consensus, compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum in the five digits. Bitcoin developer Peter Todd notes, "..Ripple's technical documentation doesn't make any of these risks clear – nowhere do they describe in detail how nodes can fall out of consensus with one another if their UNLs (Unique Node List) don't match."

"So it does not get effected through the normal market conditions.... every coin is effected by bitcoin and other market conditions."


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