Ripple, like it or hate it is making head ways!

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The forever negativity towards centralized blockchain technology is prevalent in the crytocurrency community. I get it, governing body on anything can be corrupted. Greed usually gets the better part of us, we see it in the media the movies and everything around us including the government.

Ironically, the projects that are succeeding within the crypto-space are generally centralized one way or another. It makes sense right? You have a group of people who is always tweaking to make sure things are the way it should be "as they see it". Without this group of individuals, you have everyone else on a project in a decentralized platform with some for their own benefit while others in an attempt to create a greater good somehow. This often leads to chaos and ineffectiveness in how a project grows or perhaps even the direction it should take.

Ripple, a centralized cryptocurrency made to work with banks are making yet another move to add two more international payment services that have signed up with them. With now over 100 payment services and banks using the Ripple platform which begs the question, what are the other "potential decentralized" cryptocurrencies doing? What progress have they made?

At $1.38 for XRP, isn't this a real steal? All the "high" potential cryptocurrency including ones that I have personally invested, ironically very seldom do they ever put out any news on the cryptocurrency developmental progress. If you're like me that's doesn't believe anything purely in "good faith", I say you should definitely put some of your portfolio into Ripple where you see exactly where it is going. They're profitable as it is currently and you just can't get a better deal then that right?

Your Fellow Crypto-Knight,

- mastaz -

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I saw Ripple's potential last year while everyone was dumping it and the price fell back down to 13-14 cents if I'm not mistaken after rallying up to 43 cents (from 0.4c).

The price of XRP will only continue to grow since MoneyGram and TONS of new banks have signed up.

Yes, once moneygram finishes testing it and gives it a thumbs up you bet it'll be a huge rally for XRP for sure.

Xrp is an interesting beast. I'm not sure just that will move the price. Hopefully, by that time there will be an onslaught of new news between SBI and other announcements and it will be climbing steadily. Personally, I am quite content with where it is now for the time being. Seems we are in a healthy retraction.

Completely agree. I've been in xrp for quite some time before the period of time you are talking of. that was august to Septemberish. One thing I have never doubted was my xrp. It is not a quick mover but when it moved it moves like a train and gains ground that is further ahead. Right now we are going to see continued consolidation for a few months imo with another breakout that is imminent. I believe stable $5 xrp is possible before year-end. They are making the right moves and focusing on fundamentals. That is not something a lot of other crypto's are doing.