Swell by Ripple is Tomorrow. Plenty of Good News to be Expected.

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As we know by now, Ripple has gone trough mega rally this month up to $0.26 .This is largely thanks to Swell, a huge conference made by Ripple for industries and partners alike that will be held from 16 to 18 October.

It is believed that major announcement will also be announced tomorrow. Some are speculating that American Express will announce their partnership since there are leaks of internal document saying so as well as this article :


AirBnB and GoDaddy also become yet another speculation subject in this conference as well as many other confirmed and unconfirmed partners.

If those rumors is confirmed, tomorrow XRP holders will see major movement in price in correlation with the news. Either way, Swell will be a gateway for banks and mainstream industries to at least understand and begin to accept cryptocurrency and blockchain within their business model. Generally this is a positive news for all cryptocurrency which is associated with money laundering and other schemes in the past.

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