Bought months ago and still holding it, thanks for sharing!!

Everyone likes to hate on Ripple because of their involvement with banks, but that should not stop you from buying up this coin. Ripple will be one of few coins that will comply with regulation, they are already setup to comply, that's how they are selling their services to banks. Ignore all the FUD out there, this coin has BIG potential once major banks and payment processors start using Xrapid for funds transfers!

I am buying, @bijoy123 Buying and keeping? I trust the value? of all these ;coins ;will shortly shoot up starting from towards July???

Hello! thanks for dropping by and reading/learning from this great blog. I am also still learning. Hope to always see you around.

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Buying after .49/.47 on my chart is hit.. With spread, it may be .51 or less for others. Or less, could mean much less. .49 is probably minimal.

I am buying, @haejin. Buying and keeping. I trust the value of all these coins will shortly shoot up starting from towards July.

Simple. Don't buy this scam coin. It's 1000x overvalued.

Is that an opinion? The coin is undervalued. Ripple, more specifically Xrapid, will be used by many large banks and payment processors in the near future. Once that platform is rolled out, the XRP coin will be used as the means to transfer funds in one currency and receive those funds in another currency. Xrapid is the action of sending the funds, but the XRP coin will be the means to settle the transaction. This coin will take off when either A.) a BOA type of bank signs on B.) a PayPal type of processor signs on C.) its added to Coinbase D.) all of the above

Ripple is also working WITH regulators, so once regulations happen, they will already be equipped to operate within those restrictions.

I purchased XRP before the drop, right now it hurts a bit but I expect that like the other crypto's that they will all rebound and bounce back bigtime. Right now IS the time to buy and hold.

You at least have an opportunity to add to your portfolio on the cheap!

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Bottom line: If you are short, sure play the scam. Who cares if its legit? Out before it matters right?

If you are long, support the decentralized movement. Do your due diligence, support projects you believe in, and put your money where your mouth is.

There are 2 fundamental reasons that XRP tanked so precipitously.

  1. A barrage of coordinated .GOV / Media FUD aimed at the crypto world to deflate the market cap of cryptos and prop their FIAT game up a bit longer.
  2. The enterprise software system that is the main product of the Ripple Corpse is not revolutionary nor is it distributed. And to top it all off the XRP token is not necessary to run the software by a TBTF Bank plus their are cheaper message protocals that are cheaper to run on the system.

Speculate all you want on this centralized-prop-up-the-matrix bankster coin, but remember that XRP ultimately has no real value in the future of distributed ledger open-source honorable sharing co-creating blockchain future.

That's false. XRP can be denominated in any currency, and is the perfect method of monetary transfer in instances where two countries, with two different currencies, and no one currency in common attempt to transfer money. It enables institutions to send capital across borders without any foreign exchange headache or fees. Transactions take 4 seconds. While only 11 out of every 100 transactions conducted between Ripple partners take place this way, each partner may be inclined to maintain an XRP reserve for such situations, driving demand. As partnership increases, so does reserve demand. The more banks that sign on and add reserves, the higher the demand and price will be.

Thanks for this video.

I bought 3 weeks back and I am still holding. In this game its either your too short or too long so yeah unless your day trading it keep holding it will definitely pay of

i think it is time to buying and buying..

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Hey , thanks for sharing! i to be happy Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post!

$3 ripple a few months ago!

you are the best and I appreciate you a lot ..

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