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Ripple announced about two major changes in its structure and noted that Ripple operations will have a new direction. The last post of Ripple is that Ripple's main cryptographer, David Shvartz, was appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Kahina Van Dyke was appointed as Deputy Chief of Business and Corporate Development.

Ripple's chief executive, Brad Garlingham, said:

"David and Kahina are examples of success. At each stage of their career, they were showing the leadership and business skills that Ripple needed. This is an extraordinary duet that shows the two sides of the Riple. David is an internationally known leader in Blockchain and digital assets, while Kahina is a solid and trusted veteran in the traditional banking system and financial services industries. "

David will now be responsible for Ripple's technological development and will focus on improving transactions that include Ripple services. He commented on the new position:

"As a chief technologist, I will lead the team of high-level engineers, scientists and businessmen, this is what makes everyday work interesting. I'm looking forward to the challenge. "

Kahina is responsible for developing Ripple as business and corporation. With previous experience, she can reduce risks and communicate with people in the world through existing financial services. She also commented on new position:

"By eliminating disagreements and offering better quality to individuals and businesses, Ripple has a great opportunity to take a significant place in the circulation of money around the world. It is an interesting time in the industry and I am confident that I will take part in creating a new generation of global payment systems."

These changes are necessary to demonstrate the reliability of ripple and that it can satisfy the requirements of the industry. Fortunately, the pair will be more clearly involved in the future of Ripple and will work to maintain the reputation of the company in the coming years. Success to both of them!

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