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Hello fellow steemians,

What a start of the SWELL conference held in Toronto organized by Ripple. It is only the first day of the three-day conference and Ripple announced a collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to bank the unbanked. Ripple, in partnership with Dwolla, ModusBox, Software Group and Crosslake Technologies, with funding and support from the Gates Foundation, developed a new open-source software called Mojaloop for creating a real-time, interoperable payments platform on a national scale to reach the world’s poor with essential financial tools.

This is a major announcement and it is only day one of SWELL conference. It will be interesting to see what else will get announced in the later stages as this is Ripples main event this year. Thos are exciting times to be around and be involved in Ripple. The future looks very bright and the potential is massive.

If you are interested to read the Ripple's full announcement click on the following link: Ripple & the Gates Foundation Team Up to Level the Economic Playing Field for the Poor

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That's a massive one! Hope the best for the poor and thanks for sharing. Also, not to be confused Ripple the company with their currency XRP. The current news do not involve a necessary growth in the price of XRP, even though this is pretty much expected.

I shall buy and HODL Ripple

Wow that would be a great news! I think I made a correct decision by keeping a good amount of XRP at my wallet! Two more days to go! Hope we can hear more good news from the event! Thank you very much for sharing such useful information with us!


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Exceptional article about latest Ripple News...!!!

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The Gates Foundation is working with Ripple! That's awesome.

This looks very intressting! Maybe time to invest in som XRP

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Another Great one!!

and the price is too going up ;)

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Very nice post. +upvote. I wrote a follow up article during days 1-2 of the conference and hope it can give insight to people as well with expectations what exactly happened regarding the correction downwards! Hope you guys enjoy it.


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