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I have personally invested into all of them! I have close to $1000 or so in them. Ripple is a great investment but it would be better to wait for a dip or correction. Ripple has a very strong core team and an excellent marketing team. Cardano is also known as the "Japanese Ethereum Killer" very strong core team and is reasonably priced. Stellar is similar to Ripple in my opinion and verge is hyped up a lot but has potential. How much do you want to invest and for how long? Depends on those two factors.

I would invest in all of them! Tron is very cheap and has a lot of room to grow! Tron might see a huge price surge in 2018. Ripple is good too it might be able to reach $5 by the end of the year. Verge is good too because it is a privacy coin and has a lot of potential with Wraith Protocol. If you like Ripple, stellar isnt a bad investment, Stellar could be close to $2 by the end of year in my opinion. I personally thing Cardano is the best out of all of them and would invest more into it! Let me know if you want more help. Really nice images too!

I personally prefer XRP or Ripple, but I think whichever coin we invest in, we need to have tenacity not to cash out losing positions.... the fluctuations are really scary!

I am staying away from Ripple. I'm in crypto because of the message of freedom. Ripple is created by and for the big banks. So it may do well in the short term for profits, but I think it would be a bad long term investment.

Cardano is interesting to me. I haven't read much about it, though. I will have to check it out.

TRON is a coin created by a Chinese team, but i don't think the CEO of TRON has good reputation in Chinese crypto circle. Though i still think it can be invested in a short term, just for speculation.

Hey my friends and I are super bullish about Stellar! They are primed to take off and for now are keeping things very hush hush but have very amazing things about to release. Have you invested yet?