It’s time for Ripple Revolution

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Ripple has gone up 30.92% over the past week

Ripple is not a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Ripple seeks and is achieving revolutionizing financial services, while Bitcoin and Ethereum seeks to displace them.

Ripples Vision

Ripple solution through its blockchain technology allows assets to be transferred from one party directly to another without a middleman, validated, permanent, completed instantly, irrevocably. At last, value can move around the world as information does. And not just money, because The Internet of Value will enable the exchange of any asset that is of value to someone, including stocks, votes, securities, music, and much more.

And this is Ripples vision for second era of the internet. Making cross border payments faster, cheaper, and reliable will bring major benefits to consumers, businesses, banks… It will also connect billions of people around the world to transact, give rise to entirely new businesses and industries, increase financial inclusion for millions under banked consumers… In Cryptocurencies like an investor, you either missed the boat or you were the early adopter and made money out of it.


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