Update # 9 | My Goal To Reach 100K By Trading Cryptos | Starting To Load Up on Ripple

in ripple •  last year

Took profit on some of my recent gains on BTS, STRAT, and GAME. I am starting to load up on Ripple once again.

Current Long Positions:

Current Account Balance in USD ( as of 5/17/2017 ) :

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i also invested in Ripple and thinking about doing it again,i am mainly an ethereum follower and have bout the same in euro"s online in altcoins.will follow u


I am also big in ETH, I sold too soon when it ran from 16 to 50. Since then I am going to keep a core holding of ETH and continue to trade in and out of alts. Thanks for following and good luck!


The same here ,but i never sold ethereum,have a little bitcoins to buy and sell others ,projects i like ,like Humaniq ico ,i bought some,and steemit of course.I am not really a trader ,i am convinced that this cryptocurrency has launched a new worldsystem,it will provide everybody with everything,there will be overfload and enough for everybody.


yo bro,i've been hacked on 1st of jan,you can read my post ,pffff

I have been watching Ripple for a couple of years. I was talking to some friends about buying it right before it's big move I had planed to buy a lot over a year ago. I missed out and only got in at .06 cents. But I found some good ones... I missed XEM/NEM though.