Ripple Is Considered As Stable Digital Currency.

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In this article from Live Bitcoin News "Ripple is Considered to Have a Stable Digital Currency in the Form of XRP" is discussed as Ripple/ XRP as the stable alternative for digital currency.

True enough XRP is designed to be the currency for banks and institutions blockchain transactions and should be less subject to volatility. Major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium are always subject to speculation by traders and profit takers. These can be the good and bad side of it. Exposure to profits and losses.

Ripple offers a good alternative to those whose intention is not to make money or profit from volatility but to maintain or have
a stable platform where they can always count on the value. For those who already have it and just wants to maintain the status quo or for those who wants to measure how much f their trading profit has taken them so far then this is the coin for you.

I have made a video version of the said article for those who like to watch and not just read:

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totally agree...

There's Ripple the technology and Ripple the currency, the banks are using the technology and not the currency directly, so there is very little thing to do with ripple the currency.


It somehow directly affects the other, the more banks and people adapting the technology, the higher and the wider the value of Ripple as a currency.