Steem is goin good now.

in ripple •  last year

As you can see from the below graph, Steem has breached the upper line. So, it may not have to go to the apex, While lying in between these lines. If price is kept above the upper line then we have good days of steem.

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This is only my point of view. If you have any thought to share, feel free to comment.

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i am waiting for that moment when steem will reach to 4$

as long as bitcoin holds then all the alt coins will hold as well

Yes dude it bounce back from this level let's see

Someone is seeing a bigger picture through financial lens. Keep it rolling

It looks like the entire crypto market has turned to do a bull run

I think its a good point, can I follow your ideas on Tradingview? What is your nickname there?

Thanks for the good share....:-)

Good times ahead

ICO should remove from everywhere its really a scamming thing..Like Facebook stopped its marketing....... so every forum should stop it.......... Hextracoin Davorcoin Bitconnect all are scammed and eaten huge money of us...... :( so please stop it..

Everything so heavily pegged to bitcoin

Many crypto experts suggest to don't trust on speculation on crypto because it's different from other trading currencies. No more words.

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do you think it can go up again now ?

Next stop $10!! STEEM has such a bright future!