Ending the delegation program -> will pay for the powerdown period. use the votemarket and make more money

in #ripdelegationslast year (edited)

Hello everyone Its a sad day but noone uses our services anymore, we make 2 steem a week outside of our 20 curration reward and then pay out 70 steem its had its run ive put well over a few thousand hours into this project but tipu is the best so it was a good try but its not possible to ever get out of 4k hole paying 4 times more then we make each week im sorry guys i really am but math doesnt lie.

The sad thing is someone gets let down one time after getting a 3x 4x vote 200 times then they just make sure they never use you again like its some type of disservice you do to them when. sorry to those folks i really hate to sully the ground you walk on.


ps this might sound bad, but its not... its just the shift from me acting as the voting bot to joining the ranks and voting on the vote market, keeping it alive for all hope and intents to keep the spirit going!

I liked your Service, but I think it was a mistake to add a Reply, every time you made an up-vote... I don't think most people liked others thinking they were paying for votes...

Yea well the new service does not leave a comment... and it comes through by multiple users... So it isnt just one account upvoting large its as many users want to upvote your post. then the unused ammount is refunded.

the thing is it doesnt matter if I turned off comments.. people are going to just find a new thing to be pissed about and stop using... Ive tried for 2 years every single night working on the project. its useless. People would spend 10 hours calculating my profitability and looking through all my votes. just to say that my 50 cent upvote should of been a 52 cent upvote
then stop using me ...

wasting so much time and preventing themselves from earing free money just out of spite.

so its not a worthwhile project to keep putting my time into...

its like if you had a dog
and every time you fed it it mauled you...

eventually your just going to stop feeding the dog...

I have other projects that im working on business to business im done putting any time into stupid steem... i have a real job now and its not worth working on projects that people could care less about using...

the market is here and im still going to use it but as figured it is just me upvoting on it... Its literally free steem to upvote other peoples posts ontop of the curration u would of already gotten... but people are not able to see this because they only see the words steemegg and then tune the rest of the post out...

I know exactly what you're writing about... I figure I could have bought Five $10 Rolls of Quarters and be better off than what my Estimated Value says I have on Steemit... After 6 full years and more than a Thousand Posts... I figure $50 in Quarters will soon have the Spending Power of 5,000 of today's Fiat USD's...

exactly my friend, im not pissed at the people but more or less the mechanics of how no matter what you end up right where you started.

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