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smart steem is scammer he is downvoting every one who is using bot specially when you use buildawhale bot he will downvote you i am tracking his activity , talk to buildawhale owner but he refused my claim and said the post was not hard enough to get reward now look at this post.
This post is regarding bismuth blockchain a full of rich content and advertisement compaign.But actually used buildawhale for promotion thats what smart steem got angry because no one is using smart steem and after hardfork 22 many bots are distroying and will destroy soon so they are flustrated and downvoting small users in flustration they are ruining steem and many steem users are leaving due to this downvote war.
Downvote war was started due to bad decision of free downvote service after fork. every one is downvoting each other and enjoying all benefit goes to steemit and user are decreasing day by day . Steem inc is lossing its ground and price is dumping hard.
Stop doing these kind of activities and This is against the community terms and freedom of speech . if you do not like any one post or post english it does not mean you can use your power and missuse of your power leading steem crush.

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