in rip •  2 months ago

Innocent, ordinary, hard working people are ALWAYS the victim. Whether the aggressor is religion or government or even society, the brunt of the damage falls on normal humans. People who just want a better life for themselves and their families. People who follow their calling to protect and serve their neighbors. People who just want to live in peace and to be left alone. The world we have created sacrifices the good in exchange for power, wealth, prestige and fame. Until we place a higher value on human life than we place on profits, products or property we will continue to suffer these tragic losses. We are one species alone on this planet, there is no one else to save us but us. I am afraid that human equality will not happen in my lifetime. I mourn for every human who has suffered at the hands of evil, corrupt, selfish agendas which they had no part in besides becoming statistics. Love your neighbor, hug your children, be the good that you wish to see in the world. Dan

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