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Photo Source: Riot Games

GLOBAL: With Riot Games' recent move to remove the pro match histories from their esports platform, lolesports seems to have gotten quiet a backlash from content creators such as Rheingold River at Leaguepedia. The Team known for their post match threads in the League of Legends Reddit Community have voiced out about the recent change on a Reddit post.

Riots Games new look for the coming 2019 season, though being sleek and much needed, leaves content creators without the information necessary to continue third party content.

Those like Rheingold River, and most other third party stats sites for pro League of Legends matches rely heavily on the lolesports pro match history feature to gather data in real time for their content. Without the feature, it will be “impossible” for "anything to remain updated in real time" said the team. "And some things may not be updated or posted at all."

A comment that has gotten the top vote condemning the change by Reddit user epicxkidzorz said that those match histories made the team’s lives “significantly easier.” More comments on the thread chimed in to plead with Riot to reinstate the feature on the new lolesports platform.

In an edited version of the post the team had added that Riot games maybe reinstating the feature but no exact time frame had been given to when it would be placed back in.

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