Battling Riot Police and Water Cannons in Santiago, Chile. April 2018.

in riot •  11 months ago

We just happened to step out of our apartment for a beer and then noticed riot police suiting up around a group of a couple hundred protesters. After a few speeches about police brutality the lively but peaceful group tried to march in the street. They were immediately pushed back to the sidewalks with water cannons fired over their heads. The crowd responded with volleys of rock throwing. The riot police moved in to arrest individual rock throwers and the water cannons added some tear gas to their water. This roaming battle went on for 30 minutes before the crowd was dispersed.

Notice the street dogs throughout the video. They love riots!

Note that this is a copy of an earlier video I posted in a different video format. This one should be viewable everywhere. The footage was recorded by me in Santiago, Chile on April 3 2018 at Plaza Italia.

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Oh my, there are still problems with my video format. Sorry. This will not play on most of my browsers. This is day 3 of learning how to use Dtube. I will post this again when I have a working version. Always test your videos before uploading by trying to view your local copy of the video in the browser. I forgot to do that AGAIN!