What if Aldagautr did not lose his eye, but is merely winking?..

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Is a riddle a game? Or does it contain knowledge of the True self obscured by avarice?
Others will speak plainly, while some mask their meaning behind cryptic verbosity, in order to make you think..
I was given the riddles, for which I will be eternally grateful.

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The things we speak of might be the lines between the myths of old, and will create the meaning, process, and the ending of existence, which is so simple to understand but the blind can't read and the deaf can't hear.
We are in a higher beings image yet the ancient monks claim we are but an illusion, we try to figure out the puzzle yet the puzzle is shaped in such a way that long before you complete it, you already know how it will end.
Then there are the few who would rather reach into the void and create their own puzzle from scratch, instead of trying to understand and take control of the one that is in front of them..

The grail is many things. It is not the grail itself that holds power over us, but it is the quest for it that makes us better men. That is why it must remain hidden.
The grail is but a mere icon. A representation of a paradigm. It has no form of itself, but it is shaped by the minds of men. The quest for the grail, and the hardships that it entails, in return shape the minds of those who seek it.
Salvation lies with those who know that the grail should remain lost. So that others may quest for it also….
I heard whispers from a large black bird that what I seek I shall find only when I give the swaying one away. Standing atop the shoulders of giants I will report all that I see..

To Mímisbrunnr, under the tree i've been. To see old Mimir the Giant; I paid his price and drank deep wisdom, the mystery I sought to seek..
Now I see what was in plain sight...Othin, tore not out his eye. Sol Invictus was of such lies..
I knew then where this mystery would lead...Among the children of Khem i saw Djehuti. I saw the Slayer of Asar.. I saw that Hera begat wadjet..All clues and more, One was the Pre-Atum-Ra..Close but no mystery so far..
Behold Gilgamesh! He left no heirs, and yet what of the Zikru?..The moon she has no daughters..The Sun he has no sons..110 and how many again?
This mystery has gone too far…
He made us in his image, that was always in plain sight..
I followed into Orpheus's footsteps.
And every wyrd thing I saw I told my fellow Voyagers, and was declared The Fool.
One eye sacrificed and a third eye gained…
I saw Trismegistus, In hand an hourglass...It was then that I saw the secret..and how dangerous some secrets are..Woe is me, I've gone one mystery too far..
I found Aldagautr, he smiled on me, then laughing did he wink, and I saw what we truly are…
Is it the only duty for us? Atop the backs of giants to report?..Until the mother takes us... Until the hourglass turns…

Magic lies in wisdom and in the heart. Bring magic back into the world brothers.
The wild beckons me, I will search for you there..

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