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Ruins of an ancient Amathus city near Limassol Cyprus


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great photo, I have always wanted to go to an ancient ruins!

Well, at least, it was wonderful architecture 😉


And it encourage imagination too )


Indeed... I think it's an ancient BBQ spot... 😜🙃😜


You are optimistic, I was rather thinking about human sacrifice place...
Or maybe they did both ? )


Of course... the had to barbeque something... 😂😂

That is a great photo, pity there is not much left of what ones used to be there.
If the vase or pot is a indication it must have been huge :)
The person who used to live there had a great view.

That must have been an interesting place to see.


It is indeed )

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human 😊!


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Wow! Awesome place ...Following you for more.
Please visit my profile hope you will like my photography...@saan

Beautiful place!


My heart break for things like this. I hate the feeling.