I love the idea of Steem Park at San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park... Each Animal Species gets an SMT... will humanity be upvoted or flagged? "Show us what you got" + Rick and Morty Flat Earth Script

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Ahh jeez Rick I dunno if we should let aliens upvote or flag people to decide who lives or dies ..

Shut up Morty, I'm not Thanos and this isn't Avengers infinity stones... we're just going to "freeze" half the population in space by blowing them out the Earth Airlock

Ahh jeez Rick, Earth has airlocks? like on the citadel of Ricks?

Yes Moooorty...They don't call it Spaceship Earth for (buurp)nothing. Oh and Flat earth.. yeah that's bullshit morty... we're at the center of the galaxy and the flat earth is just a way to trap fallen angels souls in giant halos around the sun like the game of thrones openong... and like the game halo.. it's ghost busters morty...every city is in a big dome morty... the Jehovian Anunaki are pissed and they want to flood the planet again morty.... the Earth is being teleported around every solar system in the galaxy like a cheap 2 dollar hooker... we're entertainment morty... smile...smile for the camera morty... you're just a (buuurp) battery morty, a copper top, I could put your soul in a copper tube and sell your fear molecules to some reptillians on alpha draconis for like 10billion flurbo

An jeez Rick and you said the flurbo is like what 1 to 1 with Bitcoin? But wait if there's only ever 21 million bitcoin ...

Don't think about it Morty... Bitcoin was made up by Aliens to take over this planet economy .... again.... Think holograohicaly morty

Ah jeez Rick i don't wanna get eaten by a reptillian who feeds on my fear

They dont be scared Morty... they can smell fear... get angry Morty... get riled up like a picture day Jessica... here put on your purge suit

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Are this is free for children.